Anthony Wiggle Merchandise

Anthony Wiggle is a member of the Australian children’s music group, The Wiggles. He is played by Anthony Field, one of the founding members of the group and has been a part of it since its inception in 1991. Anthony is known for his signature blue skivvy and is one of the main vocalists of the group.

Anthony is a talented musician and loves to play the bagpipes, banjo, guitar, keyboards and drums and is always ready to whip up a fruit salad, yummy yummy. His favourite colour is blue and loves to share his years of Wiggly wonder. He likes to explore Wiggle Town barefoot playing tunes for everyone to hear. “Gee c’mon!”

Anthony’s character in The Wiggles is known for his energetic and playful personality, as well as his love of food. He is often portrayed as the fun-loving, silly member of the group, and he frequently leads The Wiggles in silly dances and routines.

One of Anthony’s most distinctive traits is his love of “fruit salad.” This phrase has become a catchphrase associated with Anthony and The Wiggles, and it is often used in their songs and shows. Anthony’s character is also known for his love of other healthy foods, such as apples, bananas, and watermelon, and he often encourages children to eat a balanced diet.

Anthony being such an important and popular character with The Wiggles, he has fans from all generations. His energetic persona, love of music, food and education has inspired the creation of many products. The range of Anthony merchandise include fun blue costumes for toddlers, children and adults, plush dolls, a wide range of DVDs featuring both live and studio performance, and a fantastic range of educational and inspiring books and activity sets aimed at encouraging positive growth and development for children.

Explore the wonderful world of Anthony the Blue Wiggle and select from the largest range of The Wiggles merchandise in Australia.

Anthony Wiggle Fandom

Anthony Wiggle, born Anthony Field, is one of the founding members of the Australian children’s musical group, The Wiggles. He was born on May 8, 1963, in Sydney, Australia. He is currently the only remaining original member.

Anthony is known for playing the blue guitar and singing lead vocals in many of The Wiggles’ songs. He is also a skilled songwriter and has co-written many of the group’s popular tunes. In addition to his musical talents, Anthony has a background in early childhood education and has helped to develop The Wiggles’ educational content. He often appears in segments on the group’s shows that are designed to teach children about letters, numbers, and other topics.

Anthony is also known for his energetic and playful personality, and he often leads The Wiggles in fun dances and routines. He is a beloved figure in the world of children’s entertainment and has played a significant role in The Wiggles’ success over the years.

Anthony is a talented musician and performer who has contributed greatly to The Wiggles’ success over the years. His energetic and playful personality has made him a beloved figure among children and parents alike, and his commitment to promoting healthy habits has made him an important role model for young viewers.

The Wiggles have become an iconic part of Australian culture and have gained worldwide popularity with their catchy songs and energetic performances.

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