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Captain Feathersword is a character from the popular Australian children’s musical group, The Wiggles. He is known for his pirate-themed costume and silly personality. Captain Feathersword is a friendly pirate who has a feather as a sword, which he uses to tickle everyone. He has magical, musical pirate buttons, which help the Captain sing in any way and dance like anyone and anything in the world! Whenever he sees his Wiggly friends, he says “Ahoy there, me hearties!”

Captain Feathersword owns The S.S Feathersword, and is Wags the Dog’s best friend. Captain Feathersword also has a Friendly Pirate Crew that idolise and have the same bright and cheerful personality as their captain. He is primarily portrayed by Paul Paddick, although Anthony Field played him in the very early days.

Captain Feathersord’s fun and exciting character makes him a favourite with Wiggles fans of all ages. His character has inspired the creation of many products featuring his iconic pirate costume, soft feather sword and fun loving energy from costumes, plush dolls and educational books and DVDs.

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Captain Feathersword Fandom

Captain Feathersword is played by Paul Paddick, who has been a part of The Wiggles since 1996. He is often seen singing and dancing with the other members of The Wiggles, and he is particularly known for his energetic and playful performances. He often plays the accordion and the keyboard during the group’s performances. He is also known for his energetic drumming, and he occasionally plays other instruments like the guitar, trumpet, and ukulele. Captain Feathersword is a talented musician and performer, and his lively personality is a beloved part of The Wiggles’ shows.

Paul Paddick, the actor who portrays Captain Feathersword, has played several other roles in The Wiggles over the years. In addition to Captain Feathersword, he has also played the roles of:

  • Wags the Dog: Wags is a friendly, dancing dog who often appears alongside The Wiggles. Paddick has played this character since 1998.

  • Henry the Octopus: Henry is a cheerful, eight-legged sea creature who loves to dance. Paddick played Henry from 1996 to 2006.

  • Santa Claus: Paddick has played Santa Claus in several Wiggles Christmas specials.

  • Magician Wally the Great: Wally is a magician who first appeared in The Wiggles’ 2003 video “Space Dancing!”.

Paul Paddick is a versatile performer who has contributed a great deal to The Wiggles’ success over the years.

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