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Dorothy the Dinosaur is a character from the popular Australian children’s musical group, The Wiggles. Dorothy the Dinosaur is a friendly green dinosaur. Her skin has big yellow spots and she wears white gloves and a white floppy hat. She is 5 dinosaur years old. She loves roses and especially loves to make rosy tea.

Dorothy is very wise for her age and is always kind and generous with friends and people she meets. As a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dinosaur Dancing, she loves all types of dancing and her favourite type of dance is ballet!

Dorothy loves singing, dancing, eating roses and making rosy tea. She lives in a pink and purple house with a large rose garden in her backyard.

Dorothy the Dinosaur is a very popular character with The Wiggles fans. Her friendly and adorable character has inspired the creation of many products featuring her green and yellow spots, love of roses and gardening, from costumes, plush dolls and educational books and DVDs.

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Dorothy the Dinosaur Fandom

Dorothy the Dinosaur is a popular character from the Australian children’s musical group, The Wiggles. She is a friendly green dinosaur who loves to dance and sing. Dorothy first appeared in The Wiggles’ television show in 1991, and she quickly became a fan favourite. She was created by Murray Cook, one of the founding members when he recognized that children loved dinosaurs.

Dorothy was the first character in The Wiggles’ franchise, debuting on The Wiggles’ debut album in her eponymous song. Dorothy is known for her cheerful personality, her love of roses, and her signature dance, the “Dorothy the Dinosaur Dance.” She often appears in The Wiggles’ songs and videos, and she has also starred in her own spin-off series called “The Dorothy the Dinosaur Show.”

In addition to her musical talents, Dorothy is also known for her interest in reading and learning. She encourages children to read and explore new topics, and she often appears in educational segments on The Wiggles’ shows. Overall, Dorothy the Dinosaur is a beloved character who has played a significant role in The Wiggles’ success over the years.

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