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From baby’s first book to the perfect gift for new parents, The Wiggles bookshop online has all of your wiggly favourites. Read along to your favourite Wiggles song lyrics, dance and move your body to your favourite Wiggly dances, go on adventures with your most loved Wiggles and their very wiggly friends. Together you’ll be exploring vibrant colours, shapes, fun concerts, travel, parties, and more, all while developing your child’s love of reading, and vocabulary.

Join all of your favourite Wiggly characters and their best friends with The Wiggles books. Explore many different adventures with The Wiggles; each book takes you on a fun and inspiring journey, across town, across Australia, and even across the globe, travelling to different parts of the world to visit wiggly friends. The Wiggles online book store has titles for ages 0+, which means the whole family can have fun exploring different activities, songs, engaging, and educating the whole family with classic storytelling but with a Wiggly twist.

The official collection of Wiggles books in Australia is available here at The Wiggles store online, where your kids can learn, play and explore through our vast catalogue of The Wiggles educational, colourful, and adventurous titles.

Quality books the whole family can enjoy!

The Wiggles Online Bookshop Australia

For over three decades, The Wiggles have been entertaining the world, energising and inspiring millions of fans; babies, little ones, and grownups alike, with their fun, vibrant, and educational Wiggly performances, and now, you can go on all of their adventures with them through the many titles in The Wiggles Online Bookshop Australia.

The Wiggles have brought their very own unique style of vibrant, catchy songs and lyrics, memorable live performances, and fun dances the whole family can groove along to, to the written word with fun titles that take you everywhere from a visit to the town, to a trip across the globe, and everything in between.

Any title from The Wiggles bookshop is the perfect present for a newborn baby or a new parent who wants to read and share in educational, engaging, and fun Wiggly journeys.

The Wiggles are known for their super fun adventures that have taken them all around the world and they have encapsulated their unique and undeniable energy to educate, navigate, and enjoy the world we live in. Combining trustworthy education and inspiration, mixed with fun Wiggly adventures; from wonderful First Experiences to enable your little one’s confidence to blossom through to journeys of discovery, we can play and learn with informative titles, which remain on your bookshelf for years to come.

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Showing all 2 results