Gifts Under $20

The Wiggles Gifts Under $20

Gifts under $20 for Wiggly Fans!

If you’re shopping for a little Wiggle or fellow grown-up Wiggly fans, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a fantastic array of Affordable Delights: The Wiggles gifts available for under $20.  Let’s explore a few budget-friendly options that are sure to bring smiles to Wiggly faces of all ages.

Wiggly Books: 

Whether you are looking for  The Wiggles board books or activity books, these are entertaining and educational, making them a perfect gift for young fans. Plus, they come adorned with vibrant illustrations of your favourite Wiggles characters.

Wiggles Colouring: 

Encourage creativity with colouring sets featuring all of The Wiggles characters. Colouring books provide hours of artistic entertainment and self expression.

The Wiggles Accessories are affordable and fun accessories featuring The Wiggles’ logo or characters. They’re a fun and enjoyable way for Wiggly fans to express their love for the group.

Wiggles DVDs: 

A fantastic way to introduce young ones to The Wiggles’ catchy tunes and vibrant performances and sing, dance and play in the comfort of your own lounge room!

Wiggles Mini Figures: 

These small figurines of Wiggles characters are perfect for imaginative play. They can easily fit into a pocket and day bag and provide endless entertainment and creativity.

Wiggles Puzzles: 

The Wiggles Puzzles are not only fun but also help with little Wiggles cognitive development. You can find puzzles suitable for different age groups, ensuring fun for the whole family.

Finding budget-friendly Wiggles gifts under $20 is a fantastic way to share the joy of our beloved children’s group without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a small accessory or an educational book, these gifts are sure to delight fans of all ages while keeping your budget intact. Happy Wiggly gifting!

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Showing all 2 results