Gifts Under $50

The Wiggles Gifts Under $50

Shop Gifts under $50 for Wiggle Lovers! 

Are you in search of the ideal gift for a young fan of The Wiggles that won’t break the bank? Look no further, we have Wiggly Gift Ideas and Perfect Picks Under $50 in Australia! There’s a treasure trove of wonderful Wiggly gifts available under $50. Our selection is  budget-friendly and brings endless joy to Wiggly fans of all ages.

Wiggles DVDs: 

Experience the magic of a Wiggles concert from the comfort of home. Many concert DVDs are available for under $50, capturing the energy and catchy tunes of the group.

Wiggles Costumes: 

Transform little ones into mini-Wiggles with costume tees for Tsehay, Lachy, Simon, and Anthony. These outfits are perfect for dress-up play!


Wiggles Bedding Sets: 

Create a Wiggles sleep-time wonderland with themed bedding sets. Affordable options that include sheets, pillowcases, and covers.

Wiggles Collectibles: 

Expand your collection with Wiggles figurines, puzzles, and board games. These items offer entertainment but also promote cognitive development.

Wiggles Art: 

Nurture creativity with Wiggles art sets, which often include colouring books, markers, crayons, and stickers. They’re a fantastic value for under $50.

Wiggles Backpacks and Lunch Boxes: 

Send kids off to school or outings with Wiggles-themed backpacks and lunch boxes. They’re not only practical but also a source of pride for young fans.

Finding fantastic Wiggles gifts under $50 in Australia is a breeze, and these options cater to various interests and age groups. You can make a child’s day extra special while staying within your budget. Happy Wiggly gifting!

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Showing all 34 results