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The Wiggles Figurines

Shop and collect your favourite Wiggly characters with The Wiggles figurines. It’s time to make your Wiggly play time even more engaging, exciting, and fun with The Wiggles Wiggly Figurines sets of your favourite Wiggles characters. Now you can have all of your favourite characters from The Wiggles with you all the time. These adorable figurines are soft and tactile with rounded corners for safe, imaginative play. Perfect as collectors items for the avid Wiggly fan and the perfect gift for the little Wiggly ones and Wiggly grown ups alike. The Wiggles Figurines are available to purchase at The Wiggles Online Store, Australia.

Collect Your Favourite Wiggles Figures

Hooray! Which of your favourite Wiggles will you play with today? WIth The Wiggles figurines you can play, learn, dance, sign, and create anytime. Create your very own narrative storyline, sing along to your favourite Wiggly songs, and with all of your favourite Wiggles characters and their Wiggly friends with The Wiggles Figurines. The Wiggles characters figures provide hours of engaging fun for little Wiggles fans for imagination, adventure, education, fun, and play.
Not only do The Wiggles figurines offer hours of playtime exploration and fun, but they make the most wonderful, Wiggly holiday ornaments or cake decoration and toppers for the very Wiggly themes parties and cakes.

These wonderful collectable figures make a wonderful gift for the little Wiggly fans and Wiggly grown ups alike.

Wearing the The Wiggles signature red, blue, yellow and purple sweaters, The Wiggles figurines are ready to sing, dance, and play. Perfect for little Wiggly ones to create and use their imagination with The Wiggles for a creative and fun play time.