Tsehay Wiggle Merchandise

Tsehay Wiggle is a member of the Australian children’s music group, The Wiggles. Played by Tsehay Hawkins, she is the fourth and current yellow Wiggle, taking over the role in 2022.

Tsehay Wiggle is grooving all day long! Tsehay loves shuffle dancing, singing, and playing with her friends in Wiggle Town! Tsehay is always excited to meet people and you’ll often hear her greet you with a “G’Day!”

Much like her predecessor, her main shtick is dancing. Her signature dance is shuffle dancing. She also loves sunflowers, having them on her shoes and in her hair. The sunflowers on her shoes give her the power to dance.

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Tsehay Wiggle Fandom

Tsehay Hawkins is the youngest Wiggle ever, as she was 16 years old when she first became a Wiggle in 2020. Tsehay started as a red Wiggle, but took over as the yellow Wiggle in 2022 when Emma retired. She is now the yellow Wiggle with Evie. As the youngest Wiggle out of all of The Wiggles, Tsehay grew up watching, singing and dancing with The Wiggles.

Born in Ethiopia, Tsehay was adopted in 2006 by Australian parents Robyn and Reg Hawkins at seven months old. Her family later adopted her brother Kendly from Columbia, and so began Tsehay’s love of latin dance, in particular, a style called Cumbia. In less than two years from beginning lessons in latin dance, Tsehay began to win Latin dance titles. The decorated dancer won four Latin dance titles this year, becoming the World Amateur Ladies Salsa and Urban Latin Champion.

Tsehay brings her incredible talent and love of dance to all her performances with The Wiggles. With her iconic moves and Sunflower motif, she has become an integral member of The Wiggles line-up and a fan favourite.

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