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Wags the Dog is a beloved character from the Australian children’s music group The Wiggles. He is a friendly, lovable dog who loves to sing and dance with his friends. Wags is known for his distinctive “woof woof” catchphrase, as well as his playful personality and fondness for bones. He is often depicted wearing a bright red bowtie and has a wagging tail that matches his joyful spirit.

Wags the Dog is known for his musical abilities and often plays music and sings as part of his appearances with The Wiggles. In fact, he is often seen playing a range of musical instruments, including the drums, guitar, and keyboard. Wags is also known for leading children in fun and interactive songs and dances that help to promote active play and learning. His love for music and dance is a central part of his character, and he is often seen enthusiastically grooving along to the music with his friends in The Wiggles.

Wags is known for his athletic abilities and often performs acrobatic tricks during his appearances with The Wiggles, such as somersaults and cartwheels. He is also fond of bones and is sometimes depicted chewing on them during his performances. Overall, Wags’ favourite thing to do is to have fun and engage in playful activities with his friends, while promoting active play and learning for children.

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Wags the Dog Fandom

Wags the Dog was first introduced as a character in The Wiggles’ 1995 video release “Big Red Car.” At the time, The Wiggles were a relatively new children’s music group in Australia, and the addition of Wags helped to round out their cast of colourful and engaging characters. From the beginning, Wags was a hit with children, thanks to his playful personality, love for music and dance, and adorable doggy features.

Several actors have played the character of Wags the Dog in various media featuring The Wiggles. In the group’s early years, Wags was often played by Anthony Field, one of the founding members of The Wiggles. In later years, other actors took on the role of Wags, including Kristy Talbot, who played the character in the group’s TV series “Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!” and “The Wiggles Show.” Other performers who have played Wags include Paul Paddick and Lachlan Gillespie, who is also a member of The Wiggles.

Regardless of who plays the character, Wags the Dog’s friendly and playful personality and love for music and dance remain a beloved part of The Wiggles’ cast of characters.
His popularity with children and families around the world has made him one of The Wiggles’ most iconic and enduring characters.